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Before beginning the application process, be sure to have an official identification number such as a social security number , an email address and a business address. If you need help determining what category your business falls into, take the survey provided on the application page. Finally, complete the simplified tax ID form. Submit your completed form along with a one-time federal processing fee.

An LLC, which is short for Limited Liability Company, is a type of business that is often formed because of its incredibly flexible structure. The owners of the business are referred to as its members and there is no limit to how many members an LLC may have.

How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Ohio

Once you have made the decision to begin the process of applying for an llcin Ohio, you will soon find that there may be no better place to do business than in Ohio. Ohio is now regarded as one of the best places in the country for start-ups. Ohio has a great combination of lifestyle affordability mixed with vibrant metropolises like Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. No matter the type of business your start, a federal tax id number is always needed and that is where GovDocFiling can help.

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Just trying to decide what type of business to form can be difficult. If you make the choice of starting an llc , GovDocFiling can handle all of the elements of the application quickly and efficiently. Our free account and tools will walk you through starting and maintaining an Ohio LLC. See the document below and click on any number to see what information is required in the corresponding section. If you want to push off your start date for example, if the next tax period is on the horizon , you can list a future effective date up to 90 days in the future. Want your Ohio LLC to start right away?

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Skip this section. To put a self-destruct timer on your LLC, enter an end date in this section. Tip: Most LLCs skip this section. This is yet one more optional section. Your purpose is why your business is being created in other words, what business activities your LLC plans to engage in.

What Ohio residents need to know about getting a tax identification number

A general business purpose stating that the LLC is organized for any lawful purpose in the State of Ohio is sufficient. Tip: Most LLCs skip this section as well. You can either list an individual like yourself or a business that provides statutory agent service. The Ohio street address where the agent will be available will become part of the permanent public record of your Ohio LLC. Hire Northwest, and our name and address will go here.

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Your authorized representative is just the person you authorized to form and file your Articles of Organization. It could be a member, manager, or someone outside of the LLC. Standard processing takes days. Ohio LLCs must appoint and maintain an Ohio statutory agent also known as a registered agent.

Goodbye privacy, hello junk mail. You have meetings to attend, errands to run, and occasionally just a trip out to Hocking Hills to get away from it all. Yes, yes, yes. Operating agreements put in writing all of the most important things about your business. Who owns the business.

How much each person invested. How profits and losses will be allocated. What happens if you shut it all down. Your operating agreement is your opportunity to set the terms of your business.

For most people, starting a business is one of the biggest and riskiest endeavors of their lives. Your operating agreement is a good opportunity to make carefully-considered decisions for the future of your LLC.

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Your bank will want to see your operating agreement when you open an account or take on debt. Potential members, investors and partners will want to see it as well. When you hire Northwest to form your Ohio LLC, we give you a free operating agreement, specific to your management style.

We give you other free forms as well: membership certificates, resolutions and more. You could use your personal social security number instead, but why put your personal information at risk? You can even hire Northwest to get your EIN for you when you sign up for our services. If there are multiple members in the LLC, you may also want to bring an LLC resolution to open a bank account that states that the person going to the bank is authorized by the members to open the account in the name of the LLC. We recommend calling your bank ahead of time before going in and asking what their requirements are.

As frustrating as that may be for you, calling ahead will help save you from being super annoyed when you walk into the bank.