The motorcycle story and the jeep story was told to me back in High School. And I seem to remember the antique cars in a barn story too from those days. So these kinds of stories preceded the Internet by many years. The only difference is now they have pictures. I wanted to ask this guy to let me buy one of his sweet rides, but I realized that I need to get me a three wolf moon t-shirt and because women will be completely intoxicated and unable to control themselves from the primal instincts they will feel when they see it, I will literally have to turn some of them down because I'll just be too sexed out.

I accept the story is false. I accept the cars are real. I've heard about this story before, but it really never get's old. Oh god…not this story again. Hasn't it been proved false a times already? Try snopes. Luck is what the couple had! I actually envy them for discovering and owning an antique car collection in a place they have just bought. Their hearts were surely jumping out of their chests at that time. Well, mine would probably be scattering into pieces! Pingback: Wondering if someone would be will to check out a truck for me? Snopes indicates that this story is fake!

A car collector who owned the property and cars wanted the cars photographed and documented.

Massive Barn Find, Classics Sitting For 50 Years, Join us as We Take a Walk Through Classic Cars..

Somebody else made up the story! Pingback: any car buff's or motorcycle collectors? You may have heard a version of this story a couple of years ago that went like this: An American couple bought a house in Portuguese wine country. On the property was a large, locked building.

Man Buys Farm – Finds Barn Full Of Vintage Cars

Upon entering the building, the couple discovered hundreds of classic cars in varying states of repair. German journalist Wolfgang Blaube set out to learn more about the legend. Many Portuguese collectors were stashing their cars in Spain, or letting them go for bargain prices. In a labor of love for old cars, Antonio Ferreira de Almeida seized every opportunity offered — cars from every manufacturer, every country and year made, and in every condition.

When his buying binge ebbed around , almost old cars were in his possession, around a quarter of those in good or excellent condition.

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Pingback: A blog post from a few years ago. Kerrnet Blog. This story is an urban myth dating back to , the cars belong to a car collector who is still alive and still owns the cars. Ture or hoax, there is no denying some of these cars have been sitting in here for years collecting dust. It truly sparks the imagination. Every now and then some hiker comes across and old, nearly buried railroad spur, follows it into the woods to find an old steam locomotive. He could be sitting on a modest fortune. Mark Torok says his love affair with Skodas has, at times, got a little out of hand.

Find a used Skoda on PistonHeads. The newest is a Superb V6 that he saved from re-export to eastern Europe. For the time being, the main thing is that they are safely hidden away from the scrapyard. Remarkably, most of them require just basic recommissioning and a good wash. It made its first car in and was renamed Skoda in the s. A succession of well-regarded models followed until progress was interrupted by World War II. I often wonder what he would make of it all now. She says I am creating a treasure trove that will delight future fans of the Skoda marque.

I will be to Skoda what the Schlumpf brothers were to Bugatti! Skoda Fabia review. Scrappage Wonderland.

Man's lifelong collection of 32 classic cars up for auction

Scrappage ending in confusion. Seems a shame to me. Municipalities should perhaps force hoarders to let go of them. People who have serious plans to restore them, should step forward. Yeah, I get the saving them bit, but I dont get the sticking them the garden and watching them rot bit, its not really saving them.

Why not use some car covers? Not perfect but it would help, though even storing them in a barn can't permanently stave off deterioration unless you want to invest in a climate controlled barn. I'm afriad this is more about hoarding than being a motoring enthusiast. There is already legislation in place that allows Council's to deal with untidy land and the garden with all the CXs risks attention from the Local Authority.

You must be joking..

If You Want An Original Land Rover Defender, Get This Instead

The sales section of that website is a disaster. Their IT guy should be flogged. One day the parts in these cars will be very useful for someone, even if the cars them selves are beyond slavation. There was a time when you could hardly give away an E Type. Who wouldnt mind having a shed full of them now? I am not saying i would choose to live next door to someone like this, and of course it would be better if they were undercover and out of sight.

One day the parts in these cars will be very useful for someone. Google Tag Manager.

The Largest Car Forum in the Philippines

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    This secret collection of cars became the greatest barn-find hoax of all time

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