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Their family-focused approach identifies and coordinates resources to better the lives of Franklin County youth, at no cost. Provides free civil legal assistance and guidance to low income residents and senior citizens of Columbus and Central Ohio residents of Franklin, Madison, Delaware, Marion, Morrow and Union counties.

Explore topics related to health and wellness, social-emotional skills, and school readiness. Choose your Language:. Community Mediation Services CMS of Central Ohio Offers an alternative to the court system by providing an impartial mediator who helps work out conflicts.

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Once the petition is filed, a hearing date is established by the court. If the judge approves, a judgment will be entered, making the divorce and dissolution an official order of the court. Do not wait until you are feeling completely overwhelmed by the divorce process to hire a Franklin County divorce lawyer. Contact my office today to schedule a free minute consultation. I am here to discuss your specific situation prior to determining the best plan of action.

Divorce Online in Franklin County, Ohio

Use the online form or call to reach my office today for a free minute review of your case. Divorce And Dissolution. Such matters include: Division of property Allocation of marital debt Allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of cases throughout Central Ohio and surrounding areas.

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Our firm has the experience and capability of handling the most complex divorce cases involving valuations of business interests, division of complex investments and retirement assets, tracing of separate and premarital property, and determination of appropriate spousal support including tax effect. We have also handled and litigated numerous cases involving child custody disputes, shared parenting agreements, child support, relocation of parents, and other matters involving children of divorcing parents.

Our mission at The Behal Law Group is to guide our clients through the legal process of divorce, and obtain results that will allow them to move forward with their lives with minimal financial impact. Once the Complaint is served on the other party, the divorce case proceeds through the court system rather slowly, depending on the particular court.

What Is a Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage?

In Franklin County, divorce cases without children are typically required to be completed within 12 months, and cases with children are to be completed within 18 months with some exceptions. Often, we will need to obtain discovery from the opposing party to determine their income, assets, liabilities and other matters necessary to gain information to settle or try the case.

In cases involving custody or parental rights in which the parties cannot agree, often the court appoints a Guardian ad Litem GAL to investigate and represent the interests of the children. Throughout the process, we make all reasonable efforts to resolve the issues in the case with the opposing party and their counsel, in which case the divorce can be concluded with an uncontested hearing before a judge.

In cases which cannot be resolved by agreement, a final contested hearing will be set before the judge.

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Both sides can call witnesses, present documentary evidence and expert testimony, and at the conclusion of the case the judge will determine the outcome. Our lawyers at The Behal Law Group have years of experience in this process.

Ohio Divorce Law: Divorce without Children

We have learned that rarely does it make sense — financial or otherwise — for a divorce case to proceed to trial. In most cases, once we have all of the necessary information through the discovery process, we are able to determine an appropriate outcome for a client and obtain a settlement based upon that outcome. This saves the client thousands of dollars, and eliminates the uncertainty of a judicial determination that will impact the rest of their lives. However, in some cases a settlement is not possible, perhaps due to the unwillingness of the other party to be reasonable.

In such cases, we have a proven track record of obtaining successful outcomes for our clients in the courtroom. Our lawyers have the trial experience and know-how to get our clients the outcome they and their children deserve.

Termination of marriage by Dissolution has become the preferred methodology in the world of family law, and the lawyers at The Behal Law Group have provided counsel in hundreds of dissolutions.